Movies of 2010

These are the movies I saw in the theatre in 2010:

Cop Out
Hot Tub Time Machine
Date Night
Death at a Funeral (US)
The Losers
Iron Man 2
Robin Hood
The A-Team
The Sorcerer’s Apprentice
The Expendables
Scott Pilgrim vs the World
The Town
The King’s Speech

When I looked at the entire list of movies that were released in 2010, I found myself wishing I’d made more time to see some of those movies that aren’t on my list. Winter’s Bone, Kick-Ass, Let Me In, Hereafter and The Next Three Days, to name a few. I remember planning to see them, but time slips on by and soon enough, it’s too late to do anything but sigh and add them to my Netflix queue.

The ones I did see certainly ran the gamut from ridiculous (yes, Hot Tub Time Machine, that’s you) to amazing (oh, hello there, Inception), but I enjoyed something about all of them. And at the end of the reel, that’s all I care about.

Takers is never going to make my ever-changing list of Top 10 Favorites, but it had some great action sequences. It also had Idris Elba and Marianne Jean-Baptiste and every scene they had together put the rest of the movie to shame.

The A-Team and The Losers were my favorite popcorn movies of the summer, which explains why I saw both multiple times. Great casts, great action, lots of explosions and humor. These things make me happy.

RED was a blast from beginning to end and it’s one I know I’ll end up owning on DVD. That goes for Iron Man 2 and Robin Hood as well. The Expendables wishes it were RED, but wasn’t. Unstoppable wasn’t a very big movie, but it had heart and if somebody wanted to team Denzel and Chris Pine up again in a movie that actually had dialogue that did them justice, I’d be first in line.

But my favorite movie of 2010 may come down to a tie between Inception and The Town. After Inception blew my mind, I wouldn’t have thought any other movie this year could have beaten it, but there was something about The Town that stuck with me long after I left the theatre. Inception was slick and perfect and unlike other movies with epic plot twists and reveals (including some by the same director), it’s a movie I can see myself re-watching. The Town was gritty and uncomfortable and you watch it with a pit in your stomach, knowing it’s all going to go horribly wrong. So strong is my spoiler fear that I didn’t even know Affleck was directing before I saw it and when his name came up in the credits, I was pleasantly surprised. I think he did an excellent job and as much as I like seeing him on the screen (bust my chops all you like, but I do), I think he’s found his place behind the camera.

Good on you, 2010. Bring on the new year!